Mediterranean International Folklore Festival

  • MIFF 2017

    From 12th to 16th July 2017

  • Festival MIFF, Slovenia

    Come to the sunny side of Adriatic sea!

  • MIFF

    Your hot dance summer experience on the Adriatic Sea

  • MIFF

    My Istrian Favourite Festival!

  • The MIFF's objective is

    to build the friendship chain among the Mediterranean countries

  • Let's dance & party

    Night performances and a lot of free time

  • MIFF

    Since 2003, the second biggest international folklore dance festival in Slovenia

  • MIFF

    Great Summer experience! Sea, Caves, Historical cities, cultural exchange, dance workshops and much more...

  • Live music, spectacular dances!

    Historical squares, big stages, local public interest

  • Good organization

    means a lot of free time!


    The city of Giuseppe Tartitni, famous composer

  • MIFF

    Think positive!

  • I feel love

    I feel Slovenia!

  • Summer dance festival

    You will not be disappointed!

  • Are you ready?

    Festival of your dreams...

  • Folklore festival MIFF

    Mediterranean International Folklore Festival, Slovenian Coast, Slovenia

MIFF videos

We invite you all to see our MIFF videos done by Kleva films:

MIFF 2016:

MIFF 2015:

MIFF 2014:



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